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Replacement Remote For EWD-1

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs

The HA-REMOTE is a replacement remote for the EWD-1 Barking Dog Alarm. It has a range of 100 feet and is incredibly easy to set up. This remote control is an essential component of your home security system, providing convenience and peace of mind. With specifically labeled buttons, setting the alarm is a breeze. The sleek design ensures that it seamlessly blends into your home decor. The remote control comes with built-in batteries and a high gain antenna, which maximizes the signal range even when there are obstacles like walls. With just one button click, you can set alarms for up to 99 minutes, allowing for customizable security options. Additionally, you have the option to switch between silent or audible modes, providing flexibility for different situations. It is important to note that using clear and straightforward language is key in explaining the features and benefits of the HA-REMOTE, making it easy for users to understand and utilize its capabilities.

Product Features:

– Replacement Remote Control for EWD-1 Barking Dog Alarm

– 100ft signal range

– Easy setup & operation

– Sleek design

– Built-in Batteries & High Gain Antenna for maximum signal range

– No complicated programming needed

– One button click to set alarm up to 99 minutes

– Switch between Silent or Audible mode