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4″ Throwing Stars


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Weight 0.25 lbs
Points & Color

Stainless Steel – 2 Point, Black – 3 Point, Stainless Steel – 3 Point – 3 Piece, Black Ninja – 4 Point- 3 Piece, Stainless Steel 3.5 – 5 Point, Black – 12 Point, Black – 5 Point, Chrome – 5 Point, Stainless Steel 2.5 – 4 Pack, Black 2.5 – 4 Pack

These sharp metal objects are designed to be thrown at a target, such as an enemy or a practice board. Throwing stars come in various shapes and designs, with some having multiple points while others have a more intricate pattern. They require skill and precision to use effectively, making them a popular choice for competitive competitions or having fun in your yard.