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Telescopic Batons

Telescopic batons are collapsible self-defense tools designed for compact carrying and swift deployment, extending to provide a sturdy and effective means of protection.

Tactical Pen

A versatile self-defense tool, the tactical pen combines a sleek writing instrument with a sturdy design, making it ideal for emergencies and everyday use.

Mace Spray

Mace defense spray: a non-lethal self-defense tool containing a powerful pepper spray formula to incapacitate attackers, providing a safe and effective means of protection.

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What Customers Are Saying

Marianne Thomas bought a Runt stun gun

Since carrying the Runt Stun Gun, I've felt significantly more secure when I'm out alone. Knowing that I have a means of protecting myself if needed gives me a sense of empowerment. While I hope I never have to use it, the confidence it provides is invaluable.

Marianne Thomas

Keeping the Pepper Shot 2 Ounce Pepper Spray by my dorm room door makes me feel safe. Living away from home and often walking back late from the library or social events, it's good to know I have a reliable defense tool nearby. I highly recommend it to any student who wants to feel more secure.

Ralph Kasko

Aaron Diaz

We feel much less worried knowing the Pool Alarm will alert us if our 3- year old grandson enters the pool area by mistake. The Pool Alarm is highly sensitive and reliable. It activates immediately when it detects any significant disturbance in the water, providing an audible alert that can be heard clearly both inside the house and around the pool area. We tested it multiple times to ensure it works, and each time it responded flawlessly.

Aaron Diaz


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