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Lint Roller Diversion Safe

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Weight 0.65 lbs

When you’re in need of a secret hideaway, the Lint Roller Diversion Safe is the perfect solution. This clever device is designed to discreetly conceal your valuable items. Its exterior looks just like a regular lint roller, making it blend in seamlessly with your other household items. Inside, it has enough space to hold small items like keys or rolled-up bills, measuring at 1 ½” x 4 ¼”. Opening it is as easy as twisting the top off. The Lint Roller Diversion Safe not only provides security for your belongings but also fools those who are unaware of its true purpose. To them, it’s just an ordinary lint roller. It can be placed in any room of your house, ensuring that your items stay hidden. With this diversion safe, you’ll always have extra storage space exactly where you need it.

• Fool potential thieves
• Works as an actual lint roller
• You can also replace the lint sheets
• Internal Measurement 1 ½” x 4 1/4″