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Mace® Tear Gas Enhanced Police Pepper Spray with Clip

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Weight 0.29 lbs

Enhance your personal safety with the Triple Action Police Model Pepper Spray. This compact canister is designed for easy carrying and features a three-component formula for ultimate protection. The OC pepper spray hinders vision and induces coughing and choking, while tear gas causes heavy tearing and burning sensations. Additionally, the UV dye helps identify assailants. The finger-grip dispenser and rugged housing make it easy to hold, even in low light conditions. With its compact design and built-in keychain and belt clip, you can keep it close at hand for emergencies. The flip top ensures you spray in the correct direction, preventing accidental misfires. Stay prepared and defend yourself effectively with this reliable self-defense tool.

This product has a range up to12 feet and is comprised of 18 grams of Spray Stream Pattern.

Made in the USA

Product Features:
– Effective three-in-one formula
– Police model rugged housing
– OC pepper spray causes eyes to slam shut & uncontrollable coughing & choking
– Tear gas induces profuse tearing, intense burning sensation & disorientation
– UV dye marks assailant & may aid in identification once apprehended
– Convenient flip top safety cap & key chain attachment
– 18 gram / 0.63oz
– Spray stream pattern with range up to  12ft