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Pocket Clip Hidden Spy Camera with Built in DVR

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Weight 0.2 lbs

The Clip Hidden Camera is a portable body security camera that is easy to carry with you wherever you go. It has a built-in DVR and offers a crisp 1080p resolution for high-quality video footage. You can easily clip it onto your shirt pocket, backpack, or purse to capture events on the go. With a 32GB memory card, you can store up to 7 hours of video footage. The camera features a one-touch recording button, making it simple to start recording whenever you need to. It also comes with a video playing cable, allowing you to connect it directly to a monitor or TV for playback. Additionally, you can connect the camera to a PC to download all the video footage. This camera provides convenience and versatility for all your recording needs.

Features: 1920x1080p video resolution at 30fps, battery life about 1 hours, 32GB memory, works with Windows and Mac OS, dimensions 4 ¼” x 1”.
Includes: HD Clip Camera, USB cable, User Manual, 32GB Micro SD Card