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Spike Stun Guns

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Weight 0.4 lbs

Black, Pink, Purple

The Spike stun gun is a compact and powerful self-defense tool that offers both practicality and effectiveness. Its unique design, featuring two sharp spikes, allows for a dual-purpose functionality, making it a versatile option for personal safety. The rubberized coating not only ensures a secure grip but also adds a layer of comfort during use. With the triggering button conveniently placed for easy activation, the Spike stun gun is designed for quick and efficient deployment in times of need. Its loud discharge serves as a strong deterrent, potentially deterring potential threats and providing a sense of security to the user. Whether carried discreetly in a pocket or purse, the Spike stun gun is a reliable companion for individuals looking to enhance their personal safety measures.


  • 4.7 milliamps
  • 4 1/4″ long x 1 5/8″ wide x 1″ wide
  • 65,000,000 volts
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • Safety Switch and Light


  • Nylon Belt Holster
  • Rubberized Coating
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 3 x 1