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Creamer Diversion Safe


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Weight 0.6 lbs

In need of a clever way to safeguard your valuable belongings? Look no further than the Creamer Diversion Safe! This innovative product is designed to mimic a regular plastic bottle of creamer, allowing it to seamlessly blend in with your kitchen items. No one will suspect a thing as you discreetly store your valuables out of sight. Accessing the hidden compartment is simple – just unscrew the bottom of the container. With an interior space measuring 1¾” x 5″, this safe provides ample room to securely store coins, cash, important documents, jewelry, and more. Whether you choose to hide it in the kitchen or pantry, this brilliant security solution will keep potential intruders at bay.

Key features include:
– Authentic appearance, resembling the real deal
– Spacious compartment for hiding your possessions
– Ideal for discreet placement in the kitchen or pantry
– Internal measurement of 1¾” x 5″