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Spray Bottle Diversion Safe

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Weight 0.8 lbs

Protect your valuable items by hiding them in plain sight with the Spray Bottle Diversion Safe. This safe is designed to look like a regular spray bottle, allowing you to discreetly keep it in any room or even in the garage, without anyone suspecting that it contains your most prized possessions. Don’t worry about potential thieves, nosy roommates, or sneaky family members taking what belongs to you. The interior dimensions of this safe are 1¾” x 5¼”, making it ideal for storing jewelry, keys, or emergency cash. The Spray Bottle Diversion Safe offers both style and authenticity, allowing you to protect your belongings while maintaining a seamless appearance.

• Safeguard your spare change
• Twist off the bottom to open the safe
• Internal Measurement 1¾” x 5¼”